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Retail Center
Lighting Controls & Sustainability

Efficiency & Sustainability for Retail Centers

We help the nation's top retail REITs and private retail owner/operators with automation solutions for efficiency in property management, reduction of electrical contractor service calls, while lowering energy consumption and electrical bills.


Our smart lighting control system allows you to access your lights from your computer or phone giving you the ability to control lighting anywhere at any time. The system automatically adjusts for daylight savings, so no more sending maintenance personnel or electrical contractors out to change inefficient mechanical timers.


The smart lighting control system works on any lighting system and is an easy drop-in replacement for timers and photocells. 



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Our web-based Lighting Controller is a reliable, low cost solution for managing the lights at retail centers, parking lots, and out-lots.  Our Lighting Controller retrofits easily into existing systems for an immediate low-cost upgrade.


Our web based interface allows you to manage and control your facilities remotely.

  • Directly configure and control your lights from your computer or smartphone

  • Lower CAM fees to tenants

  • Create and view historical reports

  • Receive power outage notifications by text and email

  • Simple and easy to use

  • No software required

  • Save money on electricity, staffing costs, and reduced maintenance


See why Owner Operators and Property Managers across the country love our Lighting Controller.



At WTautomation, we believe that technology should be designed with people in mind. That's why we prioritize human-centered design in all of our products, ensuring that our systems are easy to use and provide a seamless user experience.


Our lighting systems are designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, reducing energy consumption and lowering costs. We are committed to creating products that are environmentally friendly and contribute to a more sustainable future.

“After extensive research for an alternative lighting control solution to replace our timers and photocells – the WT Lighting Controller was the best solution for our lighting control needs. Now I know our lights are ON and OFF precisely when they need to be. The WT Controller also significantly saves on our energy and maintenance costs. I like the 24/7 automatic power outage notices sent to my e-mail and mobile phone when there is a power failure in our buildings. The WT Controller has met and exceeded all of our expectations…”

Heidi, P

Property Manager, Colliers

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