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Athletic Lighting Controls

Remote Access & Management of

Athletic Fields and Sport Court Lighting

WT Controls powered by Wireless Telematics power both private and municipal courts, fields, and driving ranges across the country.


Our smart lighting control system allows you to access your lights from your computer or phone giving you the ability to control lighting anywhere at any time. Create a weekly schedule ahead of time, and put your lights on autopilot.


The smart lighting control system works on any lighting system and is great for fields, tennis courts, parks, pavilions, parking lots, and walk-ways. 



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Our web-based Lighting Controller is a reliable, low cost solution for managing the lights at athletic fields, ball parks, tennis courts and virtually any other recreational facility. Our Lighting Controller retrofits easily into existing systems for an immediate low-cost upgrade.


Our web based interface allows you to manage and control your fields and facilities remotely.

  • Directly configure and control your lights from your computer or smartphone

  • Set your lighting schedule on a daily or weekly basis

  • Create and view historical reports

  • Receive power outage notifications by text and email

  • Simple and easy to use

  • No software required

  • Save money on electricity, staffing costs, and reduced maintenance


See why Parks and Recreation Directors across the country love our Lighting Controller.

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At WTautomation, we believe that technology should be designed with people in mind. That's why we prioritize human-centered design in all of our products, ensuring that our systems are easy to use and provide a seamless user experience. Coaches, volunteers, staff, and even players have the best experience for play at night with the WT Control solution for your courts and fields.


We can ensure your lights are off when they are suppose to be. No more dealing with late-night angry calls from nearby homeowners due to lights being left on at your courts and fields. 

7 Day schedule ability plus the ability to limit lights turned on by players ensure the best experience for everyone. Automation at its best.


Our Lighting Controller is simple and inexpensive.  It retrofits seamlessly into all lighting systems, new or old, replacing switches, timers, photocells, and even existing, more expensive systems. 

Our system is completely independent with no need for wi-fi or ethernet. Each Lighting Controller is preprogrammed with our patented cell module technology inside so all you need to do is hook it up and turn it on and you are ready to go.




  • Eliminate site visits to turn the lights on and off

  • Ability to set the lighting schedule on a daily or weekly basis

  • Generate runtime reports

  • Automatic notification of power outages by text and email

  • Save money on electricity, staffing costs, and reduced maintenance

  • Simple and easy to use. 

  • No software required

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in the USA


Parks and Recreation Directors across the country turn to Wireless Telematics WT Controls and Automation when they want a simple and reliable lighting control system that saves them money, time, and hassles.

Young Female Soccer Player
We researched ways to automate the light system but found out that the cost was tremendous.  WT Controls came into the picture and they assisted us in accomplishing our goal of automating our light system at a low cost.  The system was easy to install and quite easy to use on a daily/weekly basis. 

Ron Noda

Recreation Manager, Los Alamitos, CA

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